Here are the best internet explorer tips (Version: 6.0) which can enhance your web surfing experience. By using these tips, you can surf the web faster & safer.

View pages offline -When you want to view pages offline conveniently, place them in your favorites list.
Steps to customize cookies:
1. Connect to the internet and access the page.
2. Click Favorites in IE.
3. Add to Favorites.
4. In the name field enter the page name or default name.
5. Create a new folder or select an already created folder.
6. Click the “Make available offline” checkbox.
7. Click OK
8. To access pages when you are offline, click Favorites.
9. From drop down menu click folder & select page title

Cookies – Cookies are small test files that some websites store on your hard disk.
Use of cookies: Notifying you of new content, storing certain registration information, and customizing